02.13.10 - massart - 7pm - midnight

Zebbler & Together Festival present
Hansel & Gretel RE:Imagined (Official Together VJ Showcase)

Hansel & Gretel RE:Imagined (Official Together Festival VJ Showcase) from Zebbler on Vimeo

Please RSVP for this event via our facebook event page. Knowing you are coming will let us prepare appropriately.

Together and Zebbler present Hansel and Gretel - RE:Imagined, a live 5 act audio-visual theater done by some of the best a/v acts in Boston. Each act will get their own part of the story to perform in whichever insane way they choose to. A gramophone-like narration of the story will remind the audience of what page we're on between the acts. Performances will be followed by a dance party, featuring the acts/VJs involved in this 21st century story-telling act.

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
7pm-Midnight, $5 (free with festival pass)
Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

A/V Hansel and Gretel interpretations by:

Brian Kane http://www.briankane.net
Psylab http://www.psylabunderground.com
Zebbler Encanti Experience VS Clever Girl http://www.zebblerencantiexperience.com
QFWFQ Duo http://www.qfwfqduo.com
MuseHybrid http://www.musehybrid.com

Dance party by:

Mistaker vs Brian Kane
Zebbler Encanti Experience


more info about the artists involved:

BRIAN KANE is a living legend in the video performance / art world. His work inspired generations of followers and imitators. Yet he doesn't stop to rest on his laurels. Today, he's as busy as ever, converting dreams into reality. His use of modern technology to create art is often funny and unexpected.

In 1991, Brian was a founding member of the groundbreaking multimedia group Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN), in which he pioneered the art and technology of video sampling. And in 1992, Brian invented VuJak, the worlds first video sampler.

From 1988 through 1996, Brian created many milestone's in the development of commercial holography, including the first commercial computer generated hologram in 1988, and the first full-parallax strereographic hologram in 1996.

From 1995 through 2001, Brian collaborated with the acclaimed artist Chico MacMurtrie and Amorphic Robot Works, creating robotic software for large scale musical performances which have been exhibited in museums worldwide. He was also general partner and Creative Director forRadioValve.com, a successful first generation internet-only radio station.

One of his current projects gone viral is the youtube doubler: www.youtubedoubler.com

PSYLAB is strictly live EDM band.

Holding down the sounds of the Boston underground since 2004, Psylab has been performing at clubs, lofts, raves, festivals, and regional BurningMan events for thousands of fans, friends and freaks. Psylab's five members are dedicated to producing an authentic live Electronic Dance Music experience by improvising solely with live instrumentation, without the use of sequencers, loops or arpeggiators. The Psylab collective is a unifying force that holds appeal to both EDM purists and live band enthusiasts through its authentic sound and improvisational format. The group has performed at events coast-to-coast, ranging from renegade psytrance parties to major national festivals. Psylab features human drum-machine Steven Asaro on the e-drums; Joe Giglio on bass worbles; Viz on visuals, samples & fx; and Eartha Harris and Dr Nigel on synthesizers.

ZEBBLER ENCANTI EXPERIENCE is a live audio/video performance duo, which often involves 3 projector wide visuals and synchronized surround sound a/v.
The two are a custom content factory, churning out endless all original sounds and visuals without stopping to catch their breath.
Here's a more in-depth look at the two players involved:

Zebbler is the video arm of Z.E.E., perhaps most well known for the Boston Mooninite Debacle in which l.e.d. advertisements he placed around the city for an Adult Swim cartoon in Boston were mistaken for bombs and caused a massive panic.

Moving beyond that, Zebbler is a decorated artist, having won "Best Visual Artist" in the Boston Phoenix reader poll, and a number 12 slot in DJ Magazine's best VJ in the World competition. Zebbler has also recently completed a video for Mochipet for the tune "Robot Crunk Juice."

Within the past 2 years alone, Zebbler has performed at well over 100 shows in the US, touring as a solo act, with Psychedelic/IDM UK act Shpongle and with Encanti as the Zebbler Encanti Experience. Notable headlining performances include Ultra Music Festival (FL), Rothbury Festival (MI), Surya Dub (CA), Harmony Festival (CA), Anime Boston (MA), Laurence Hall of Science (CA), and at his own Dead/Live Video Fest - part of the Boston Cyber Arts Festival.

As the music arm of Z.E.E., Encanti composes most of the audio for the act. Born and raised in Alaska, Encanti is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Audio Synthesis Program), beta tester for Ableton Live and the Source Audio Hothand controller and producer of sound libraries "Anatomy" and "Bent Circuits" available through Sonivox.

He has a slew of material out on Vermin Street, has done remixes for Mochipet and DJ C, and is also currently working with experimental jazz legends Bird Songs of the Mesozoic.

Encanti is also known to produce toy-controlled surround audio installations, and has written an album-full of soulful acoustic guitar driven songs.

You could say that Mike McKay aka Mistaker is bit restless. His work as a promoter and dj over the past 5 years has helped to shape the face of the Boston underground party scene. He is the founder of Thunderdome which is entering its 3rd year and has grown into a local institution with the help of some of the city’s best dj’s, vj’s and lunatics. Other events such as C.R.E.E.P. VISIONS, BLACK MAGIC and BASSOWN PRESENTS have been a constant effort to create new and exciting nights that span all genres.
His most recent project is TOGETHER: the New England electronic music festival. A co-founder and managing director he is working with an fantastic team to catalyze all the amazing talent in Boston and help to build upon the national profile that the city so richly deserves.
As a dj he has always had an affinity for all things dark, hard, and mean. He plays a room with the eye of a working dj yet always finds time for things like uk hardcore, ebm, heavy bass, acid house or dnb to keep a crowd on it’s toes. His new residency at No Tomorrow promises to explore all of these interests.

Sound, image and movement mesh together through interactivity to produce sonically wild and visually striking performances. Greg Kowalski’s real-time video projections seem to be born of Andrea Pensado’s harsh sonic creations (and vice-versa), all of which come into being through the movements of the performers. This interaction, which constitutes the essential element of Qfwfq's artistic language, is achieved through the use of motion tracking systems. The simultaneity of their work makes it neither sound art, video art or performance art. With Qfwfq no one element is more preeminent than the other, rather none could exist without the other.

Qfwfq’s roots go back to Krakow, Poland where they were living and where they gave their first performance together in 1997. The same year they moved to Argentina where the duo took shape and was active mostly in Buenos Aires; they moved to the US in 2002. Currently, they perform mainly on the East coast. Qfwfq has been featured in Germany, Poland, France, Holland, Belgium and Canada.

The name Qfwfq belongs to a character in Cosmicomics by Italian writer Italo Calvino. We chose it because of its beautiful sound and visual qualities. We accept all pronunciations.

MUSEHYBRID is a one-woman show. She had been exciting audiences in Florida for eons before moving to Boston last year, quickly finding her way to the local scene via the 2009 Boston Cyber Arts Festival's Dead Video/Live Video show @ MassArt. Some of the shows and projects she has worked on are ISEA/ZeroOne - San Jose CA, Connext Project - Clearwater FL, and KidsConnect - International collaborative telematic performance between kids in Tampa and kids in Amsterdam Netherlands. She is an arts educator, classically trained dancer, award-winning choreographer, and wildly creative video and sound artist. This combination of talents gives her a unique flair for creating stylistically innovative performances.

Rachel Bishop Chase, aka MuseHybrid is a visionary artist, continually pushing her limits of consciousness. She believes in storytelling's ability to transform our understanding of the world around us- to demonstrate the interconnectedness of life through abstract metaphor and essential human themes. Her video and performance art incorporates sound, video, dance, and edgy theatrics, transcending literal interpretations of ideas to find archetypal forms, and audio visual translations of etheric realms. Her work is resonant and evocative. Right now Rachel is working on music videos for a few of the tunes for the artist Laura Escude's http://www.lauraescude.com upcoming album. She is also
developing a series of dance/creative movement, visioning, and video workshops for Spring 2010 in the Metrowest/Boston area.

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