EOTO Lotus spring tour 2013 - Zebbler POV compilation

EOTO Lotus stage by Zebbler Studios

Verizon Innovation Center Piazza video-mapped installation by Zebbler Studios

Verizon Innovation Center in Waltham, MA is a hub for new technologies in telecommunications. To enhance the experience of visiting the facility, Zebbler Studios was brought in to create a permanent video-mapped installation on a large tiled wall in the piazza of the building. Spanning 40 feet, the wall was transformed into a wide video surface, featuring ambient visualizations, architectural transformations and themes which highlight Verizon’s goals and accomplishments.

Defcon 2012 - Zebbler deco / ZEE / The Crystal Method / Infected Mushroom

Documentation of Defcon 2012 deco install by Zebbler Studios and performances by Zebbler Encanti Experience, The Crystal Method and Infected Mushroom.

EOTO's video-mapped Lotus Stage - part 2 - The Tour

Brief documentation of EOTO Lotus Stage (part II) from the midst of the EOTO's Bass Invaders tour 

EOTO's video-mapped Lotus Stage - part 1 - From Cradle to Show

Brief documentation of EOTO Lotus Stage construction by Zebbler Studios

Documentation of Zebbler's video mapped dragon installation at DefCon 2011 (Hacker Conference) in Las Vegas

I've created Shpongletron (a videomapped stage) specifically for the 2011 Shpongle (Simon Posford DJ Set) US Tour.
This video teaser of Shpongletron in action is based on my VJ performance with at at Hammerstein, NYC - New Year's Eve show (2011).

video, thank yous and blog: http://shpongletron.blogspot.com
photo history of construction/first shows: http://tinyurl.com/shpongletron-creation


Zebbler and Encanti bring down the house at their sold out record release party at Wonder Bar on 9/21/11



Zebbler and Together Festival present
Hansel & Gretel RE:Imagined (official festival VJ showcase)

Act II - Zebbler Encanti Experience vs. Clever Girl

february 13, 2010

Hansel & Gretel RE:Imagined - Act II - Z.E.E. vs Clever Girl from Zebbler on Vimeo.


update for Free Talk Live listeners:

ATHF Haircuts in the 70s press conference from Zebbler on Vimeo.

update for Free Talk Live listeners:

01-31-07 Never Forget (aka the Great Boston Bomb Scare) from Zebbler on Vimeo.

Documentation of Zebbler's VJ performances at Ultra 2009 (HD vimeo link)

video: Zebbler
audio: CacheFlowe
videography: Travis Vautour

Documentation of Prelude to the Inevitable, a multimedia collaboration (May 1st, 2008)
Quicktime (H264) 56.15mb 11min 37sec 320x240 pix

Director: Andrea Zampitella ..................Ast. Director: Dolores Cuccovia
....................................................Music: Ben Cantil
...........................................Choreography: Mariela Cerda
..............................Video Performance: Zebbler (Peter Berdovsky)
....................Costumes: Margaret Kasper
.........Electronics: Andrea Zampitella and Fred Wolflink
Dancers: Lucy Stack, Katie Feeley, Aimee Fix
..........String Quartet: Andrew Reiner, Chris Baum, Tomoko Omura, Louie Jolian
....................Video documentation: Travis Vautour, Justin Pomerleau, Zebbler (Peter Berdovsky)

Documentation of Come Home, a benefit show for Zebbler's mom (March 8th, 2008)

Quicktime (H264) 37.88mb 3m 16 sec 400x300 pix


Documentation of Zebbler's VJ performance with Infected Mushroom and Alex Grey - 09-07-07 (video: Zebbler, audio: Encanti).

left: Infected Mushroom and Alex Grey show documentation, aka Glitch Loft Soap Opera, First Episode. 4min 26sec, quicktime, 600x338, 68.8mb)
right: an alternate beginning to the documentation edit (1min 8sec quicktime, 600x338, 17.7mb)

Documentation of Glitchcrew's guerilla graffiti light installation in Boston (an assignment for Interference Information Network, Cartoon Network and Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

Click on the left link for video documentation (2min 12sec, quicktime, 26.85mb) or on the right link for pictures. Find them all :)

Documentation of Zebbler's performance at Firefly 2007. Featured solo HD surround performance and a collaboration with Encanti and Mr. Ah. Video footage courtesy of DJ Selsyn.

3min 39sec quicktime 428x320 42.91mb

Documentation of "I wash my tv in fear" live 5 channel video sync at Phantasmagoria, Mass College of Art, Boston, 12.08.2005. This performance/presentation focused on the words and images that news media use to induce a state of fear in the viewers. However, this has a definite touch of Zebbler style to it.

Visuals, tech and performance by Zebbler, audio by norajean, Zebbler and Square, additional thanks to Shawn Faherty, 72 Newport Street and t.b.alis for their equipment contributions. Also - SIM and Mass College of Art - thank you for hosting me in your loving belly for this long gestation period.

Documentation of Hello Neighbor, one of the favorite shows that I was a part of. We transformed 3 halls and all of the space around them into a pulsating interactive audio-visual electronic beast filled with fluttering human flesh. Yes, that does sound like a successful show.

Produced by norajean, glitch crew and many other individuals/collectives. Massachusetts College of Art, Video Screening Rooms 1+2, Cracketorium, The Tunnel, Hallways. February 18th, 2005.

The link on the left will take you to a page of video samples from the night.

The Only Way to Escape the Flux is to Be Still (video excerpts)

Massart Auditorium, 2004 (experimental live performance, winner of 2004 All School Show award)

The link to the left will open up a pop up containing a 11.23Mb, 5min12sec, 360 by 240 quicktime video with segments of the performance.

Pozen Performance Center Gala Opening, Boston, 2004

Link on the left shows Zebbler performing for the patrons (mixing live video feeds of musical mouse installation, several channels of original footage and live video feed of molten iron pour outdoors) Quicktime, 21.19Mb, 1min 25sec. The video on the right is a timelapse of the event Quicktime, 13.55Mb, 1min 14sec. Videographers: Karen Levy (Glitchcrew) and Michael El.

Electronic Concerto Web Video Taster is finally online! Decide for yourselves.

3:29 min. 53.5mb Quicktime (Performance by MISTERINTERRUPT, live video feed and video glitch by VJ ADD and Zebbler, poster design by iiis)

Massachusetts College of Art, Auditorium, Boston, February 27th, 2004

Check out the description of the event.

Reshuffled (a Zebbler produced event) video documentation is finally online!

4:53 min. 27.2mb Quicktime

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, March 19th, 2004

Check out the description of the event.

Just in: full length performance documentation!

Sleep is Good performance by V.J.Zebbler and Star. Massachusetts College of Art, Sound Performance Class Presentation 2003

7:31 min. 47mb Quicktime

Follow the link on the right to see still images of the performance


Documentation of Iron Pour 2004, an event co-produced by Zebbler.

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, 2004

Origins of Glitch VJ Crew

RedTail Loft, Boston, 2004


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